Monday, February 22, 2010

Signature Minerals Hauls

Happy Monday fellas..!! guess what? I finally got my package from Signature Minerals this morning .. !! the delivery takes approximately 2 weeks, fast enough for international shipping isn't it? I am very happy, even I didn't go to college today. ha ha.. ok, stop blabbering.. :P

ok, so actually what I order? I ordered 4 samples of foundation, 1 sample of veil, and one concealer . Not much, huh? Yes, actually when I was hesitant to order a full size product. So I just wanted to try it. The fact is that they provide free samples to costumer for the first time ordering. So actually I got it for free, except for shipping costs is around $ 7.65. The samples is filled fully, they really generous huh? so imagine I could spend all the samples within a month.

The shades that I get is a medium light (5.0, 6.0, 7.0) and medium beige (5.3). They aren't named specifically and only labeled with numbers. Lil' bit confusing indeed, but not a problem for me. I also get a concealer - multitasking and also a veil (angel wings). So now I will swatches them for you, maybe you also intend to order later :)

- 5.0 Medium Light seemed very pinkish, and I don't know if it will fits in my skin tone. I haven't try it.
- 5.3 Medium Beige seemed a little darker, but still able to blend with my skin. I haven't try it.
- 6.0 Medium Light the color looks very yellow, and first I thought it would be too yellow for me, but when I try, suits me pretty well.
- 7.0 Medium Light slightly yellowish color, but not as yellow as 6.0 . I haven't try this one yet.

The coverage is average, I didn't try my concealer yet so maybe it looks better if I put concealer first. They didn't have a many formulas like everyday minerals had. However, the texture it slightly smoother than EDM.
And the Veil .............!! I think its better than EDM's Kaolin powder. It has a pretty good oil-control, and gives me this radiant look. I think I like this veil so far.. Yeah, definitely..!!

Maybe I'll consider to open Pre-order if I found myself quite liking this MMU.

I think that's all, I hope you didn't bored with me already. Lol
See you later !!



twinsouls888 said...

I love mineral makeup, it's a staple in my makeup stash. The swatches look lovely :)

Diaz said...

yeah, me too.. I'm very addicted to this stuff.. :D
thank you.. you should try this one. its worth a try :)

Riesta Emy Susanti said...

wah,,,kaya'nya perlu dicoba niy...
beneran bagus kan????

Diaz said...

ngga' ada salahnya dicoba sis. aq sih suka MMU ini, kyknya berpindah hati ke Signature minerals malah.. Lol. coba sample nya aja dulu, free kok cuma bayar ongkos kirimnya aja :)

Josie said...

Hi Diaz -

Great site! I read on a board that you where looking for link exchanges - what to exchange with me? My site is please check it out and than email me if you would like to :-)

Diaz said...

Josie : Sure thing..! Thanks for visiting :)

Josie said...

Thanks Diaz I put up your link in my blogroll :-) and thanks again!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

nice review! i haven't tried out mineral foundation before. i've always just used liquid foundation. but i'm curious to try it out one of these days :D

thanks for visiting my blog btw! :) xx

jayaarram said...

Hi there, good work! I can see you have work a lot with your blog here.
I am new to blogging and still learning. You can link my blog and I will do so for you.

Diaz said...

josie: wow.. thank you..!! it's nice to meet a new friends like you ^_^

anita : yup..!! u should try it. I'm new to this mineral 'thing' but it got me so hooked up.. :D
I won't using my old make-up anymore. ha ha..

jayaarram : hi, thanks.. I will, don't worry :)

Diaz said...
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Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

thanks girl, the Maybelline glosses are one of my favourite ones from the drugstore! not sticky at all and the pkging looks sleek and pretty. definitely check it out if you can! :D xx

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