Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mini hauls this week

Hi friends
, sorry for the lack of updates .. I'm really busy this week, I had to go to college after my exam grades, and it was not easy. I have to go back and forth here and there so that my grades can be included in the transcript value. Very annoying and bothersome. Yet again I have to meet my thesis supervisor so that She will approve my thesis titles that I've been made. She is a senior lecturer, so it is very difficult to meet her.
And I still have to deal with my online shop, because I got a pretty good orders from my customers. I was thrilled. the dresses which I've made got a pretty good response, so I had to finish their order. No complains! Buyer is a king. LOL
Besides that, I think I also need refreshing. My head seemed to explode because of too much thinking. You must have felt it too right?

So I decided to go shopping so I wouldn't be too stressful. Lie, it's all just my reasons! ha ha MySpace.
This is what I've bought yesterday..
And here's the swatches :
from the top row : Sariayu l/s besure1, Sariayu l/s toba1, Sariayu Nias e/s golden brown, Sariayu Nias e/s pink, Sariayu Nias e/s white-gold
Beautiful isn't it? I love the colors ..!
Besure1 Sariayu is a bright red-chili like, I actually bought this for my mom. She loves to wear red lipstick. Toba1 Sariayu is brownish-pink color, very neutral and I love it ..! MySpace

The brochure from Sariayu:

I've tried to apply it to my eyelids, but somehow the color is not too visible, though the swatches that I made is very clear.. MySpace
God yes, I'm so tired MySpace . I will continue my review tomorrow.
I'll see you and don't forget me ya .. haha



Anonymous said...

nice haul ! hi sis , very pretty eye shadow :).

Anonymous said...

oh that was a lot=) nice haul, i like the colors of your sariayu nias e/s,very pretty, hope you could do an fotd using that palette=),,anyhoo,thanks for the greetings sis, I do appreciate it=) *hugz*

Diaz said...

@aiyoh : thanks sis! I actually did EOTD using that e/s but somehow my camera didn't focus at all. But, Im gonna try it later.. I'm so hooked to sariayu's e/s right now, they have many pretty collection that I wanna try..
Btw, thanks for the nice feedback ^-^

@rhea : yes, its very pretty and for the inexpensive stuff, this one is really worth to buy.. Thanks for coming sweety :)

Dewi Lestari said...

Hai Diaz,

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