Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing with my Swiss Chocolate

Hi girls.., how are u today?
me? I'm cool right now, because I've got 3 days-off..! haha
But my face isn't okay, because there is a few pimples going on my face. it seems that My periods seems to be coming soon. blah blah blah.. MySpace

well, I kept practicing and practicing using my vegan gel eyeliner, and I think I got better. he he..
It takes me 5 minutes now to apply my eyeliner. Lol
still takes a long time huh? My shaky hands didn't help either. MySpace

So how is it?
Need more practicing?

I just love that color..!! MySpace

'til next time,

Diaz MySpace

Friday, April 9, 2010

The All Natural Face review

Hi friends... it seems that I've been neglecting my blog recently. I can't help it.. I'm officially "underpressure girl". All of this work really steals my fun.. MySpace

well, today I'm gonna do a review about the all natural face's package that I've been mentioned earlier.
Let's see...

1. 20 shades of foundation baggies with mini kabuki

The price is tottaly cheap.. u've got 20 sample baggies plus mini kabuki for $4..!!
I choose the pale-medium skin tone, but just one that really match my skin tone. oh well, i can always mix them. no big deal.. I feel like I'm sort of drug maker when I played with those powder. Lol MySpace
The Coverage is great, its very intensive, and u don't need a lot of foundation, I found that one sample baggies is enough for 5-6 times use.
One day, I applied it without any primer, and my skin looked like oil fields. unfortunately they didn't have matte formula like Everyday minerals had. I wish they improve the foundation formulas, because I think I'm gonna love it if its matte.
As for the mini kabuki, don't bother to use it. Don't ask, but I will give u the reason why..
can u see the bristles??

2. Vegan Gel Pots - Swiss Chocolate
Gosh.. I really like this color..!! its so pretty.. and highly pigmented, and Smudgeproof too..!! Yay!! for $4 sure is very recommend to buy..
the only problem with me is I can't seem to apply it smoothly, I have a shaky hands.. I spent 5-10 minutes to apply gel eyeliner. it seems that I need to practice more often.

3. Vegan Shea and Cocoa butter mini lipstick - Candied peaches

This mini lipstick so yummy...! it smells nice.., and doesn't dry my lips, although its "lipstick" its actually kinda like a lipgloss too me. Very pigmented of course, but I found it lil' bit hard to blend it perfectly to my lips. I dunno maybe I've applied it the wrong way.. MySpace

the swatch :

the upper row is candied peaches lipstick
the lower one is gel liner swiss chocolate

4. Fix-it hidration mist

Its basically like other hidration mist. U can use this as eyeshadow/eyeliners sealant by applying wet. it does makes difference too.. I liked it. it will make ur make-up stay longer, and ur eyeshadow smudgeproof. the price goes the same with others.. yup! $4 and I think it was a great deal !!

So, that's for today I guess..
I hope I can update my blogs more frequently..
so please don't forget me already.. haha MySpace

Have a nice days fellas..!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

My Review on Mylanta and a lil' bit Haul

Hi Everyone, its been a long time since my last post, sorry for the lack of update.. Things are going pretty hectic lately.. MySpace
Im planning to graduate this year so, I've been working hard on my thesis lately. My lecturer has already approved my thesis proposal and now I'm moving straight to Chapter 1, 2 and 3. She asked me to submit my task next sunday, what a pressure.. MySpace

Anyhoo, I've been using Mylanta to subtitute Milk of Magnesia for a primer, and I must say that I'm impressed. So, it's true ! it really helps my oily face and it also didn't make my skin breakout. Wow!!
it feels like magic.. trust me..! MySpace

Go get it If u have oily skin like me...!! MySpace

Two days ago, my package from The All Natural Face arrived, I'm feeling like a kid who just got a new toys..!

this is what I bought: 20 sample baggies foundation with mini kabuki ( I choose the pale to medium shade), vegan gel eyeliner pots in swiss chocolate, Fix-it hydration mist ( it can be used as eyeliner and eyeshadows sealant too ), Vegan Shea and Cocoa Butter Mini Lipstick Candied Peaches.
And as for NYX lip liner natural, and elf eyeshadow quad in drama.. I bought it from Fifi's Blog Sale. Those brushes I bought it from local Dept. Store its so cheap and good too !
I'm gonna do review about TANF later..

By the way, last month I've been trying to reduce my expenses. I don't feel wise if I spent a lot of money to buy many items that I don't really need... I hope I can continue this..MySpace

That's for today.., Now I'm going to continue my homework..
Goodnight fellas...!!


Diaz  MySpace

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking for a primer for oily skin?

hi gals... !!
how's today? I hope everything is good as always for you.. MySpace

Today my mood is so good and I've finished working on my thesis proposal which needs to be revised. I planned to go to the campus and meet my lecturers to consult and submit my thesis revisions that I've been doing last night. but I oversleept... MySpace so the plans is cancelled..tee-hee
So instead I went to the mall, and decided to watch movies with my cousins.. we've spending time together, it was good. I rarely see her because she lived on other city. oh and I also bought a few items as well, but I will post it sometimes later..
So, today is very hot and my face look more super oily than usual.. MySpace
I remember about reading article about skin treatment, actually its all not about oily skin but I found it will be useful for those who had oily skin like me..
what is it?
its a laxative..! Milk of magnesia is one of them right? So, apparantly some people use this stuff for a primer. I've never think about it before.. so I googled it and suprised that people rave about it..!
and I also check the ingredients, mainly contains of magnesium hydroxide. its good for absorbing oil.
I also read the articles here about using laxative as a primer.
But, when I do pay a visit to a local drugstore nearby, sadly they didn't have or at least know about Milk of magnesia. They just give me a weird look. it means that I won't be able find Milk of Magnesia in my country MySpace
So, I looked for other alternatives to subtitute MOM, and I found Mylanta..! it has the same ingredients excepts MOM didn't contains of Alumunium Hydroxide, I think. But of course I googled about it, and relieves that its practically safe to use.
So I bought that Mylanta-thingy.
I'm going to try this stuff tomorrow, and I'll let u know if it works for me..

That's it..!
if you already try use this MOM as primer, then I need your opinion.. MySpace

well, good night everybody.. MySpace

Ps: I'm sorry if my english is bad, I didn't have time to check the grammars. Lol
Psss: am I using too much emoticon ?


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