Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing with my Swiss Chocolate

Hi girls.., how are u today?
me? I'm cool right now, because I've got 3 days-off..! haha
But my face isn't okay, because there is a few pimples going on my face. it seems that My periods seems to be coming soon. blah blah blah.. MySpace

well, I kept practicing and practicing using my vegan gel eyeliner, and I think I got better. he he..
It takes me 5 minutes now to apply my eyeliner. Lol
still takes a long time huh? My shaky hands didn't help either. MySpace

So how is it?
Need more practicing?

I just love that color..!! MySpace

'til next time,

Diaz MySpace


Anonymous said...

you're doin good sis!=) I want you to make an fotd soon hehe, I would like to see you sweetie=)

Diaz said...

thanks hun.., I will.
Right now I've had some pimple going on, maybe later when my face is a more tolerable. LOl

yurina said...

warnanya bagus banget sis diaz ^^
mirip sama black cherry nya mad ya kayaknya..

Anonymous said...

aww! ok, ok, i'll surely wait for it =)

Diaz said...

Thanks sis,..
Mungkin kalo blackcherry warnanya agak maroon yah? Yg ini coklat shimmer gold gt.. Tp cakep kok.. Tanpa eyeshadow pun udah ok dipake buat sehari2.. :)

Anonymous said...

uda rapih pakenyaaa..
cakep jg warnaanya..
ayo kita beli c Meowww!!

Diaz said...

thanks mel.. :)
baru kali ini juga nyoba gel liner, jadi masih blom banyak koleksinya. hehe.
meow? huhu... gasabar nunggu PO nya.. :D

twinsouls888 said...

I like the color , sooo pretty and natural looking ^_^.

By the way girl, you got an AWARD on my blog hehe, happy weekend ^_^

Golden said...

Aww, I also get occasional pimples like you. Haven't tried a gel liner so far. And yes, I also have shaky hands that's why I can't use a liquid liner as much as I want to, or else I would end up having a pair of silly-looking eyes. LOL.

Have a good one, dearie!

Lots of love,

Risyaa♥ said...

Hello there! I'm blogwalking here^^

I like those colors on your eyes.
looks quite natural with some pretty shimmers^^
gagg perlu pake eyeshadow lagi udah cantik^^

<3 Risya

Musicalhouses said...

I actually think the eyeliner looks great! :) And you have very pretty eyes too :)

ephong said...

diaz,, kamu amethys di GM kan?
itu cakep bgt warna eyelinernya...
smudge ga say?? waterproof ga?
jadi mupeng nih.. hehe..

Lumiele said...

heiii itu cantik sekali warna eyelinernya!! ahahaha bikin gue keracunan :D

OEN-OEN said...

salam kenal aja deh hehe..

Golden said...

The gel liner looks awesome! I'm in love with the shade.

Lots of love,

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