Sunday, March 14, 2010

EOTD with Nias e/s

Hi gurlz..,
I just want to post a quick EOTD Aiyoh sugesting me to do.
Actually I was gonna posted it yesterday, but my Brother accidentally deleted my photos, so that means I have to do my eyes n take a picture of it again. thanks bro..! MySpace

without flash

The things I'm using is: Sariayu Nias e/s, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, Savvy eyebrow powder-brunette, and Oriflame lash-sensitive mascara.
I didn't use any primer.

I should use primer first before applying my eyeshadow, the color didn't look too visible in the photo. but actually in real life its pretty visible.. I won't blame my camera because of this. Lol MySpace

I want to write some more but my brother is going to use this laptop, so I'd better to give it to him.
Bye.. C U later..

Diaz MySpace


Josie said...

Hi Diaz ~

Nice brother for deleting your pics! I would be so mad!!! I think maybe you are right about the primer first for photos but if it looks good without the primer in real life why use one? I think your eye looks great in the photo :)

Anyways have a great day!

Anonymous said...

my cam don't usually give justice to the nice color of my e/s as well,*sigh*
yOURr EOTD is pretty dear=D, and I like the way you winged your eyeliner, its pretty neat=)nice job=)

Diaz said...

Josie : Thank you..! Yeah, I have an annoying brother.. But, Hey I can't choose my own family. haha..
thanks for the compliment *blushing.. :)

Aiyoh : I usually can't wear my eyeliner neatly like this before, its miracle..! Lol.
I wish I had a better camera. Thanks for commenting sis.. ^o^

Lumiele said... beautifull those colour..ahahaha (mupeng)

Diaz said...

lumiele : hehe, thx sis.. I should buy the complete mineral kit instead. it contains oof both toba n nias e/s n so much more.. :)

Fifi said...

hi diaz,
mau ambil lipliner yg warna apa? trus Elf nya gak ada warna ungunya. itu warnanya kombinasi putih/item/abu2 gitu...
email aja kalo mau yah. :)

twinsouls888 said...

Your eyelashes are really beautiful, you have beautiful eyes too ^_^

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