Saturday, February 13, 2010

Giordani Gold Adaptive Foundation

Giordani Gold Adaptive Foundation

Honestly, I rarely wear any foundation at all, but when I take a look at Oriflame Catalogue, I found that maybe this one is worth to buy so I decide to order it not in sample size (which is free I guess..) but in full size tube. I know maybe I should try the sample first knowing that most of foundation I've ever tried always made my skin breakout horribly and that wasn't nice.

Anyhow, I've got this for IDR 149.000 not so cheap though, but I can't help it! tee-hee.. the shade I've got is natural beige, because I always confuse to choose any shades which suit my skin tone perfectly. They have Porcelain, Natural Ivory, Natural Beige, and Natural Rose. While porcelain is the lightest shade and Natural Rose is looked like a Tan colour. My friend suggest that I choose Porcelain, but I decide against it. My skin tone is lil' bit yellowish and sometimes it looked bit fair..
I know it's confusing. ha ha.

My first impression is this stuff has nice packaging; looks so glamour with golden colour on its package, And it comes with pumps too..! cute!
Ok, so on the catalogue it claims that this product :
  • Has an Opal Pigment to adjust with your skin color perfectly. This one I AGREE, it looked bit too dark on my arm when I tried it first, but when I put it on my face and blend it well, it looks so natural for me.
  • Gives you silky-smooth finishing touch. I didn't notice the difference before, but I guess it does.
  • Your skin texture more even all day long. Well, it's not like 24 hours but, I found it long lasting enough.It gives me nice coverage and not caking about 6-8 hours.
The only thing I didn't like is when I don't clean my face properly after use this product, I will surely have a pimple on my face ( of course !! ). I think I gonna use it only in rare occasion, and when I don't wanna use it anymore I can always sell it with a lower price of course.. !! ha ha

my swatch:
lil' bit darker

it blends really well in my arms too !


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