Thursday, February 11, 2010

My first custom dress photoshoot....!!

Today I'm so........ Excited !! Why???
That's because my first-design dress is finished !! YAY !! I'm so Happy..
I do like to design my own clothes very much. Even, I make labels for them !
I know there is many shop or online shop that sells clothes, but I'm very confident about this one and I hope my customer will like my design.. ^_^
Did I tell you I used to run an Online shop at facebook? if not, visit amethys o'shop. sightseeing is welcomed.
I'm gonna launch my custom made dress next week probably.. I hope it'll turn out well..!!
Now here's some finished dress.. check it out !

blue strip coat

pinkie floral dress

purple satin dress

black polka dress

I have to reduced the resolution, 'coz actually the picture is very EXTRA LARGE and it'll make you blind if I don't re size it. LOL

So, What do you think? ^_^


Anonymous said...

you made all of these?wow, thay're all pretty=)

Diaz said...

yeah.. ^_^
I'm so happy knowing that other people like it :))
thanks for ur nice comment sweety ^^

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