Sunday, February 21, 2010

TBS Tea Tree Mattifying Vs Bless Oil Control Moisturizer

Hi friends, how are you today? I hope your weekend went great. Today I'll give a little review about 2 moisturizer I've ever used. They are The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturizer and Bless Oil-Control Moisturizer. At first glance you can notice that both these moisturizers are equally for oily skin. But when viewed from the price difference is big enough, whether the more expensive one certainly have a good quality? so, I'll do a comparison on both moisturizer.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisturizer
  • What it claims : Helps to reduce oil to leave skin clear, matte, healthy-looking and minimizing breakouts.
  • Price : around IDR 109.000 I think.
  • My opinion : This moisturizer has a light texture and easily absorbed into the skin, and smells like tea tree oil (obvious right? Lol). When I used it was minty-cool, but sometimes it felt stings, probably because my face is emerging pimples. I like this gel quickly absorbed so because I do not have to wait long to apply powder on my face. But I think the oil-control is average, about an hour my face felt greasy again ( it was supposed to keep my face matte! ), and still doesn't keep pimples away from my face. Overall, I think this moisturizer just so-so, and its not like what I expected. I don't think I will repurchase anytime soon.

Bless Oil-Control Moisturizer
  • What it claims : Moisturizer, enriched with UV filters, Vit. E as an antioxidant and also Pro - Vitamin B5 to moisturize facial skin that remains soft and not oily.
  • Price : IDR 38.000 very cheap.. :D
  • My Opinion : The Texture is not much different from TBS, its quickly absorbed too. I like the moisturizer has UV filters, so provide more protection on my face, and certainly much cheaper. I had less pimples when I'm using this stuff. So, I think its good on my face. And the oil-control much better when compared with TBS, lasted about 4 hours on my face. Its really worth to buy ! I think I will repurchase again ( it doesn't burn my wallet ).

So, it was a bit of my review, I hope can help you find a suitable moisturizer for your oily skin. I guess not all expensive items suitable for all skin.. That's it, have a nice weekend fellas.. :)


dsy said...

whoaa.. oil control moisturizers!!
exactly what I always look for :D
that Bless thing looks very interesting.. considering the price..
I always love Biokos Pure Balance n Clinique DDMG.. but I'm also always open for new options.. ;)

Diaz said...

yeah, actually I'm gonna try Biokos pure balance just to compare with TBS and Bless.. I'll be giving review about Biokos as soon as possible.. ^_^
thanks for ur feedback :)

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