Monday, February 8, 2010

First Post...

Hi, everybody..!!
From now on, I'll be start blogging. It's pretty confusing at first and quite give me headache, but I'm very excited..!! So....
Here I come..!! mainly, I will focusing on writing about lifestlye, fashion, beauty, product review, well actually I'm gonna write anything I like. LOL
Almost forgot! I got this awesome layout from skincorner. You should check that site, 'coz it has many pretty templates for your blog, and its FREE, which is a good thing.. !
I hope I can make my own layout myself.. but now, I guess I still 'borrowing'.
And one thing my english is not very good, so if I make some mistakes please bear with me.



Many people believe dreams are up worlds inside their heads. But to dream is merely to view reality through a filter.... (belle-the-witch)