Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dream a little dream of me

Hi everyone, I'm in gloomy mood today. well, that's maybe because I didn't have a good sleep last night and a lot of pressure yesterday. So, actually I can't sleep until 3 am and start having a weird dream. Every person must have experienced a strange dream. But, I just wanna share about my dreams last night ( is 3 am considered to be "last night" ? Lol ).

I dreamed I saw myself ( in a prettier version of course ! :D ) with a man standing on the edge of the sea, We look happy but I feel a little sad. And then suddenly we were plunged aka suicide in the sea. I was confused but I was still able to smile at him. Then we parted, I woke up in a place that I do not know. Then I no longer see but I feel is in the girl's ( me) body.

I was in a world that is completely different and very foreign to me. I'm confused, scared. Then a young woman approached me and asked my acquaintance. In short, we are friends and I asked her where I am now. She did not tell me but just smiled and took me around, I feel the people around me gave me a strange look. And, this is the funniest thing in my dream because I can shop. Yes, would you think if I was crazy? I think I am..

Suddenly she was scared, I saw there was a train that fast moving behind her. But it looks too blurry. Oddly enough, I did not get hit when I was standing right next to the woman. She's running scared, and I was chasing her. Until the train stopped chasing her.
I am very worried and scared, so I asked her why she could be chased by the train? She said that she had died hit by a train.

There was something click on my head. It means ... I also die?
She told me to meet someone who can explain everything to me. She muttered something about burning skulls and something else .. before I could understand what she meant, I woke up ..

And that's just the weirdest dream I've ever had...

I feel like I should keep a dream journal from now on.

"A dream is a succession of images, thoughts, sounds, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep "


Many people believe dreams are up worlds inside their heads. But to dream is merely to view reality through a filter.... (belle-the-witch)